During several years, we helped international businesses to define and realize their growth, M&A or global procurement strategies.
And than, the Covid-19 has arrived, and we wanted to help minimizing its impact. So we started to combine our knowledge with the digital solutions.
States and other institutions faced the gap, to quickly communicate their needs to the market, in order to capture the Covid-19 materials and services offers at one point and respond to the Covid-19 situation very fast. 


We have created digital portal, able to communicate the specific needs and capture market offers, obtaining quick solutions. 

The Czech Republic state procurement team used CoVpoint, as the initial instrument to manage their Covid-19 related needs, this became the base of our Easy Procurement solution.


We soon realized, that the B2B challenges are similar and can be solved in the same way too.​ We decided to develop other digital solutions, enabling quick connection between the needs and solutions, our B2B Marketplace. Besides that, we would like to help businesses with their strategic growth, for that purpose, we have developed our Integration Profile platform.

Our digital journey just began, but the large global network and experience, developed during many years at various international corporations, will help us to deliver value in bringing your needs and solutions into many useful directions.

Zdenek Zatloukal