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Helping you to...

01 |accelerate international growth  

02 | integrate with key accounts 

03 | identify M&A leads 

04 | get robust supply chain  

05 | manage functional transformations

We serve large & SME businesses in Europe, Asia and USA

Torun Group Turkey, Eurofins Biomnis France, Bossard Swiss, Noventa Swiss, Zalesi Czechia, Interpart Romania, Abus Germany, Respilon Czechia, Vusapl Slovakia, Amplla Czechia, Textilomanie Czechia, Onlineliving Romania, Eicero Czechia, Senzoor Czechia, Gascontrol Czechia, Mediaefekt Czechia, Technicoat Czechia, ITA China, CZT Group China, Teconn China, Union Industries China, Sigma India, Sigma Electric USA


Thanks to 20+ years of the global multinational business experience in various functions, our team is able to help businesses to define and realize their growth strategies, including the M&A, sales and procurement areas.

We help businesses to better integrate with their customers, enabling them to realize higher added value, obtaining better position for the future growth.

When you get the ability to see the world from a higher ground, you will realize that there is more than a business performance. Making others better, fostering change, encouraging diversity and new approaches, is what makes us much stronger.