Do you need specific products or services?


Connected Value Point, where your needs find their solutions and much more.

01.You have an actual business need?

02.Enter your need into CoVpoint portal.

03.CoVpoint finds potential partners and connects you.

04.You turn the connection into new solution.


CoVpoint portal


After you do free registration into CoVpoint, you can:

Enter your need into the B2B marketplace.

 Free of charge 

Request a connection, if you see a need matching your capabilities and work with the partners.

 Free of charge 

Monitor and update your entries, using simple dashboard.

 Free of charge 

Optional - make your company profile on-line including products or services, visible to all CoVpoint users globally.

 290€ without VAT yearly 



It started with the Covid-19 crises, discovering a communication gap...

Many institutions recently faced the urgency, of effective needs communication to the market, in order to capture the offers at one point, to respond to the Covid-19 situation. The need of effective simple tool, enabling that came up.


We created CoVpoint, to connect the needs and offers, establishing quick solutions.

As our team comes from global industries, we were able to develop simple tool, covering the right categories and functionalities at the same time. Focusing on quick connection establishment, when solving various needs.


​The Czech Republic state procurement team used CoVpoint, as the initial instrument to manage their Covid-19 related needs. We understood, that the B2B challenges can be solved in the similar way. We decided to offer the CoVpoint platform to the market.


Covid-19 crises has changed the global acceptance of digital solutions, as a future business development driver, we would like to further offer our business and IT knowledge, to help businesses with their future.

​Zdenek Zatloukal | Founder

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